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R formula Booster Serum Anti Aging Soothing (1 Boxes)

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R formula 精华功效

调理皮肤 油水平衡 皮肤屏障功能修复 创伤修复

改善痘痘 舒缓肌肤泛红 镇静舒缓

接触UV , 减少自由基

促进胶原蛋白和蛋白制造elastin  恢复自我修补的天赋

抗衰老 紧实肌肤


抗炎 抑菌作用

小分子保湿 保护膜形成

How does R Formula Booster Serum Work?

- Conditioning the skin Oil-water balance Skin barrier function repair ,Wound repair
- Reduce acne, soothing skin  reduce redness,
- Exposure to UV, reduce free radicals
- Promote collagen and protein production elastin to restore skin self-repair
- Anti-aging ,firm skin Anti-oxidation and anti-cracking
-  Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect
- Small molecule moisturizing
- protective film formation


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